Bodyweight Exercises

Written By Luke Burles 12/5/2015

Drop the dumbbells!!, all the weight you will ever need for a good workout and to achieve weight loss goals are contained within your body. Having a good arsenal of bodyweight exercises means you can hit almost any fitness goal without having to leave the comfort of your'e house.
Although you may find it harder to build huge muscles with bodyweight workouts alone, they are an excellent way to get lean (especially if you combine a monster HIIT circuit) and strengthen your core.
They also typically involve functional exercises which are compound movements where several joints and muscles are working at the same time.
You’ll feel the benefit of in your everyday life and become more flrxable, mobile and less likely to  injuries. On this page you’ll find all the bodyweight exercises you could ever need to sculpt a body that few will believe has been achieved without the aid of weights. You can do the exercises in isolation, especially if you fancy taking on one of our 30-day challenges, such as the plank, press-up, squat or burpee challenge, but once you’ve mastered a few different exercises it’s time to put them together into full bodyweight workouts. These can target body parts (like your biceps or your core) or sports (like building strength for cycling or running), or you can simply opt for a full-body, fat-torching HIIT circuit.
Bodyweight exercises are a type of strength training, which helps rebuild muscle wear and tear that develops as we age. Numerous studies show that building lean muscle mass is also great for your heart, blood vessels, lungs, hormone production and even brain activity.
Various studies link different forms of strength training to:
  • More lean muscle mass
  • Healthier blood cholesterol levels
  • Healthier blood pressure levels
  • Lower stress levels
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Increased oxygen use by muscles
  • Reduced joint and bone pain
  • Removal of metabolic waste from muscles during resting periods
  • Increased insulin sensitivity
  • Increased resting metabolic rate
  • Reduced risk of stroke, acute coronary syndrome and overall cardiovascular mortality

Power Bands

Our power band programs are key to building strength at when you can't get to a gym.